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2009-01-21 08:24 pm
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Man oh man am I ever sore. I actually went and took an ice bath today. So cold. So very, very damn cold. It did help though, so that's good. What hurts most, I guess is all the goshdarn bruises I've accumulated this week. I've been getting the crap beat outta me in practice (and games, but less so).Right now I've bruised both my elbows, my ribs, and about 5 small ones on my legs. Just this week in practice, I've been punched in the mouth, elbowed in the nose, deadlegged, elbowed in the stomach, fallen on *twice*, knocked down more times than I can count on one hand, and stomped on. Agggggh. I've got to bulk up.

And I just ate a whole pint of mint chocolate chip bluebell ice cream. By myself. In one sitting. Ugggghhhhh. Sadly enough, that's the second time this week I've done that. And I'm not even feeling down! I've just been craving it (that and protein. It's an odd, odd world).